It is both my obesession and passion to create imagery that provokes feelings of happiness connection wanderlust and desire.

Over the years my camera has become an extension of myself, it’s never far from reach. It has helped me see the world in a completely different way. It has showed me that if you look close enough, that beauty… well it is everywhere. The dew drops on the flowers early in the morning. The way the clouds look before a storm. The complexity of each snowflakes’ identity. How dreamlike fields look with the perfect lighting. Farewell kisses in airports, hidden smiles at the church alter.I focus on raw emotions, the tears that fall, and the joy that is…your life. If you look close enough, it is everywhere just waiting to be captured. The raw emotions keep me going, it is why I pick up my camera.  I am inspired by the sound of the ocean, the majestic mountains, and the sky right before the sun sets. I have an admiration for coffee that tastes like candy, my fluffy fur child “Fira”, children’s laughter, and a good love story. 

More often than not my Husband Zach second shoots and assists me on sessions and weddings when hes not being a lifesize Gi Joe. He has turned into quite a good coat rack, dog handler, bag holder and baby whisperer. When we arent photographing we are either binge watching on Netflix, hiking the PNW, decorating our home sweet home, spending too much time in Target and Ikea or planning our next adventure.

                                I have uncontrollable wanderlust.

 In the past 2.5 years I have swam with fish in the Bahamas, devoured crepes in Paris, explored the castles of Dublin, walked the romantic streets of Venice, mastered the Tube in London, and took a gondola to the top of a volcano in the Spanish Canary Islands. I've rode camels in Africa, Stood beside the Alps in Switzerland, soaked in the ancient Turkish baths in Budapest, became a target for pickpocketing in Barcelona, climbed the walled city in Croatia, and jumped off a ship into hot springs into the crystal blue grecian waters of the Mediterranean.

                                                Our love story

Zach and I did the long distance thing for a few years and finally I couldn't take it anymore. We decided to get married after his return from depoyment. He thought it was going to just be the two of us but to his surprise I had our immediate family fly in. We said I do barefoot in the sand and I wouldnt have it any other way. Elopements and intimate weddings have a special place in my heart. 

I have been blessed to have photographed weddings couples and families all over the world. Including; Paris France, Barcelona Spain, Santorini Greece, Geneva Switzerland, All throughout Northern and Southern Italy, up and down and all around New York State including New York City, Boston Masahusets, Ocean City Maryland, Clearwater Florida, and the Puget Sound area of Washintgon. 

Currently I spend my time between the greater Seattle Area of Washington & the Finger Lakes area of New York. I am available for travel throughout the West Coast and worldwide.

Lets get Lost. 

Photo Credit: Nastja Kovacec