I know this must feel overwhelming. Just like doing taxes, nobody ever taught us in school how to plan a wedding. I have put together this FAQ with some of the questions I've heard over the years on repeat. If you have any questions that aren't on this page feel free to reach out.


What is your primary style?

Others have described my style as laid back, candid, and romantic. I am always on the hunt for the dreamiest light possible. I tend to focus on natural emotions, real love, and real laughter. I love setting things up and then walking away and letting things unfold naturally.

Where are you located?

Currently I go back and forth between my hometown in Upstate New York and Sunny Seattle Washington. My husband serves in the military so we move around quite a bit, it's a lifestyle.

Do you travel?

Yes I do! I actually prefer living life out of a suitcase. My passport is my most prized procession besides my pup of course.I was blessed to have lived in Europe for 1.5 years where I photographed couples and families all throughout the world. This includes all of Northern and Southern Italy, Budapest Hungry, Barcelona Spain, Santorini Greece, Paris France, and Geneva Switzerland.
I have also photographed my way through the United States including New York, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Indiana, Washington, Oregon, and California. So yep I'm no stranger to the road.

How do we get the pictures from you?

Your fully edited and retouched images will be uploaded onto an online gallery for easy viewing and downloading. I will also send you a zip file for even faster downloading. The final gallery will be delivered within 6-8 weeks from your wedding date. Sessions are 2-3 weeks.

How long have you been doing this? How did you start?

I started when I was practically a baby I couldn't even legally drink ( I was nineteen when I shot my first wedding.) It's been eight years now and I feel like I have literally grown up with my business, it's another limb to me.
I went to school for graphic design and have been using photoshop since I was in middle school. This all started because I used to take pictures of clouds while driving ( I know, I know) and post them on instagram. One of my friends who was engaged saw my posts, and asked me if I could photograph her engagement session. I thought clouds and couples those are kind of the same thing right?! So I shot her session on my iphone4 and she said she loved them so much she wanted me to do her wedding. That week my dad went "halfies" with me on a Canon Rebel and it's been an adventure ever since. Honestly I have no idea who I am without photography and I don't ever want to know.

What about prints and art work?

Being the nomad that I am, I'm all about the digital life. However, I know how important having tangible items are. They are ultimately your first family heirlooms. My online galleries are set up with a professional grade printing lab where you can buy prints, canvas, books, etc. It is really easy to share with friends and family so they can purchase prints as well.  I also include a print release so that you can print anywhere you would like. I cannot however insure that it will look as good as the professional lab.

What is your payment plan?

Half down as a non refundable deposit is required to save your date. The other half is due 30 days prior to your wedding date. I try to make it easy with the math. I can take payments online or by check and carrier pigieon .

Alright we want you by our side, what are the next steps?

Fill out the contact form and I will get ahold of you within 24 hours. From there we can set up a phone call if you would like or proceed with everything online. ( If I am where you are we can also meet up in person and grab coffee. ) After that I can send everything you need online and it can all be booked from the comfort of your own home, no pants required.

Can you help us plan our wedding?

Yes! After shooting over one-hundred weddings and being in this industry for most of my life I have seen a thing or two. I know what works and what doesn't work and I can help make a mean timeline. I also have a 70 page guide my couples get with all of my best advice on how to make the most out of your wedding photographs. I want you to have the best day possible.