I know its like the end of March and I’m just getting my best of 2018 out but whatever it’s better late than never. I spent most of my year going back and forth between my small hometown in Ithaca New York and my actual home with my husband in Washington. I feel like I was living out of my suitcase for a while and that’s a-okay with me. We went down the west coast a couple hundred times ( okay more like ten) and I fell more and more in love with it each time we went. Some of my favorite adventures were on this side of the country. We made our way out to the desert in eastern Oregon and photographed a few couples out there ( look up the Painted Hills its AMAZING.) We also drove down to San Francisco, photographing a couple in the Redwoods on the way. I could feel the shift in my business and the way it has morphed more into a carefree experience for both my couples and myself. I know deep within my soul its going to continue this way. 

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  1. Leanne has a rare talent of capturing everything without a feeling of intrusion. You barely know she is there. She blends in with the wedding and takes the most beautiful candid shots. The posed shots are done with ease and comfort. I haven’t even seen the final results and I’m in love. – Mother of the Bride

  2. YES. Best Of posts are my JAM. I love that you put this all together and I had such a blast looking at all of this excellent work. This was a beautiful part of my day, thank you for posting!


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