I'm Just here to Direct you into good light and document the day as it was -- as you are

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Timeless and true to color editing which helps preserve the feeling of the day.

guidence when you want it observation when it's needed


I don't care about getting perfect instagram worthy pictures or living off a pre- determined shot list . Instead, I would rather spend special care documenting the people who made you you.

The proof is in the pudding

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"Leanne is the master of her craft. Her vision for the small moments while capturing every emotion is phenomenal. Her photos don’t feel over edited or drowned out with forced tones. She is able to pull out the color of the world around her with every shot. It has been almost three years since our wedding day, and I still have my wedding gallery open in a tab to revisit and live just about monthly."

"She captured the moments of our wedding beautifully. I'll admit, I am sure I don't fall in the top ten "easy brides" when it comes to the pictures. Our wedding day was HOT and I was feeling overwhelmed and not really feeling like taking photos. She knew I would regret that and expertly went through the list of must haves, quickly, but made for beautiful photos. I love that she focuses on capturing the emotion. When I look at my photos I feel like I was there again."

"Leanne was the BEST wedding photographer we could have ever wished for.On the day of, she was timely, efficient, and prepared for everything. Our pictures are INCREDIBLE, she captured memories that we will look at and cherish for a lifetime."