Stuck in an editing rut again?

Would you believe me if I told you that you're only a few clicks away from what you want to achieve? Without having to throw money at another preset.

Hi I’m Leanne and I have been editing photos and using photoshop for almost 15 years. I can show you how to tweak the presets you already have and teach you how to get that look you’ve been wanting. I can take you through my workflow from shooting to delivering with a one on one video call. How to effortlessly switch styles if thats what you want to do. A few years ago I transitioned from light and airy to a more rich and bold edit so I know how it goes. The key to editing is in the skin tones.

Mentoring - 60 Minute video call - $300


Interested in elevating your editing skills? Need another set of eyes on your business? Fill out this contact form and we can get this ball rollin