So I’m pretty excited to share this all with you! Megan is a photographer friend here in Vicenza Italy who wanted a few headshots of her as well as a few portraits with her husband and beautiful dog “Luna”.  We started off in downtown Vicenza during Reposo ( when Italians shut down during the day to relax ) so that the centre was empty by my favorite spot, the Basilica Palladiana. We then walked around the centre and then got back in the car and drove back to the Brenta River which is a hotspot for Italians in the summer. I just love how authentic these images are and I love that I’m in such a lovely location where I can have a city background, and then a few minutes have such a natural untouched backdrop. Just one of the many reasons why I love Italy. Italy Engagement Photography2016-02-10_00022016-02-10_00032016-02-10_0004Italy Engagement Photography2016-02-10_00072016-02-10_00082016-02-10_00092016-02-10_00102016-02-10_00112016-02-10_00122016-02-10_00132016-02-10_00142016-02-10_0015