Today I am thankful for the simplest things in life. I am thankful to be back in New York for two whole months for a short wedding season. Where my coffee baristas load up my drinks with sugar and call me by my first name. I am thankful to be back with our families and friends. I am glad that I can photograph all of my past clients and their growing families. Italy is beautiful but It’s not always easy being far away. Separated by an ocean, stuck with cut out phone calls and time differences, and especially while my husband is away at yet another training, its good to be home.

Today I am thankful to have gotten to spend the afternoon with this little girl. I have been taking care of her since she was a few months old, and now shes going to be three. I love how excited children are, how free spirited they can be, and how caring. I absolutely adore lifestyle photography and I feel that it is important to document these daily events, things that at the time might seem small, but when the time has passed they meant everything.

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